Neither money nor technology alone can improve access to comprehensive, quality health care services. PHTT acts as a bridge between fundraisers and technology providers. PHTT uses state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions and ecosystems, design tools and cloud technology to empower the Indian population to obtain better health delivery. Individuals are trained and equipped with above mentioned ecosystems to be social health entrepreneurs. Using these solutions corporates can also contribute to various health initiatives launched by the government like Anemia Mukt Bharat. PHTT can help organizations with complete outsourcing of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) from initiation, planning, execution, performance monitoring to project closure.
By bringing together disciplines of engineering, system design, usability, designers and public health specialists, PHTT aims to define a comprehensive methodology for the development of appropriate technologies for public health. PHTT also aims to develop research centers for affordable health technologies and global health affordable technologies.
PHTT has expertise in researching, planning, training and executing. Since 2014, Public Health Technologies Trust has executed many projects and has successfully made a positive impact on the health and livelihood of many people in the far-flung areas.